On the topic of visas, here's a new one (or maybe not)...

I wanted to take my novia on a vacation... somewhere... ANYWHERE!!! For example, to Argentina, Chile, Trinidad... However it is extremely difficult to find any information on the net concerning where Colombianos can travel without a visa. I know Panama is OK, and Venezuela and Ecuador also. Anyone have the latest info information concerning this? I'd really like to start making travel plans soon (it's a surprise so I really don't want her to know).

Thanks in advance for any info.

Posted on February 10, 2005

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South America Colombians can travel to any southamerican country without a visa, to Brazil you need a yellow fever certification done at least 10 days prior to arrival into Brazil. Not many more places than that, Panama you have already mentioned. A few other countries like Japan, but you still need a visa to transit out there.

Posted on February 10, 2005

Panama is a great place to go,, why go where they don't speak spanish?

Posted on February 10, 2005

Aruba I know an american that takes his colombian girl friends to Aruba all the time. I don't know if they need a visa but it can't be hard to get.

Posted on February 10, 2005

Visas Aruba does need a visa, and how could I forget Cuba and you do not need a visa.

Posted on February 10, 2005

All South American countries let Colombians travel without a visa. I think Venezuela now require visas for entry overland but not via air. Ecuador and Peru do not even require the use of passports, identity card is sufficient. Brasil requires a yellow fever certificate.

Popular destinations with Colombians are Aruba, Curuzao, Mexico, Republica Dominicana, and all require visas. Some can be dealt with by the travel agency directly, but some do require personal presence at consulate in Bogota.

Check out Aviatur.com, under Documentos Para Viajar, their visa section is quite detailed about the requisites for each country and also under the different holidays that are sold by them, will have a notice at the top indicating whether Colombians need a visa for that country.

Posted on February 10, 2005

Costa Rica The best way is simply to ask a travel agent in Colombia if a visa or(passpot)is requied to where you want to go. It is there buisness and they have this information.

The another way to find out if a visa is required is to find the emabassy web page for the country you want to go to. The page should give you information about tourist visas.

Posted on February 10, 2005

It is fairly difficult for a Colombian who does not reside in the US to get a visa for Mexico. Even then, they make you jump through hoops and it takes about a month to get one.

Posted on February 10, 2005

Not a very long list :-s Andorra





Ecuador (Pensando en poner una visa para colombianos)

Israel (Pueden negarte la entrada en inmigraciones del pais)





República de Corea

República Democrática Popular de Laos

República Popular Democrática de Corea

Trinidad y Tobago



Posted on February 10, 2005

I can confirm from personal experience... That Aruba does not require a visa...I met my current wife there. She is Colombian. For her to travel to Caracas, Venezuela she had to obtain a visa.


Posted on February 10, 2005

Paises que no requieren visa Yo creo que ya habían mencionado a Japón, pero existen otras alternativas.... como: Israel; Fiji; Filipinas, aquí, solo te puedes quedar sin necesidad de un visado hasta 21 días, y por último tenemos a Seychelles. Espero que te pueda servir de algo

Posted on February 10, 2005

travel colombians can also travel to San Andres Island without a visa

great vacation and cheap.

Posted on February 10, 2005

Dominican Republic and Moodm......... I am fairly sure you do not need a visa for the Dominican Republic.

Strangely enough, it is harder for a Colombian to get a visa for Mexico than the US.

Mooddm, your posting is kind of funny. Of course Colombians can travel to San Andres without a visa. This is so because San Andres IS COLOMBIA. It is not a part of the mainland, but it is a part of the Republic of Colombia. A Colombian does not even need a passport to go there. It is the same as Alaska or Hawaii is to the US

Posted on February 10, 2005

Argentina No brainer, go to Argentina. Wonderful place, cheap when you're there and no visa required. Venezuela does need a visa EXCEPT for direct flights to Isla Margarita (i.e. a charter package).

Posted on February 10, 2005

i'm not sure... but i think you're allowed to go to medellin...


Posted on February 10, 2005

Aruba visit is very difficult My experience shows it's very difficult to obtain.

Difficult to believe as when I've been to Aruba I meet many Colombians.

But I tried to obtain one for my novia - and inlcluded documentation of weekend air reservation with return, weekend Hyatt reservation, my notarized letter pledging my financial support, notorazied w2 and payslips and 1040, bank and brokerage account statements, and more.

She was rejected!

Posted on February 10, 2005

Aruba My novio and I went to Aruba in 2002...no visa required. Got to the airport in Cali in 2004 and were turned around....visa now required. Applied to the embassy in Bogota, and got rejected even though he'd been there before and returned lawfully. Go figure.

The problem so I'm told, is that many Colombians are presenting problems for law enforcement (violence/theft).

Posted on February 10, 2005

Things have chenged The rules on visas seem to be dramatically changing over the last couple years, so what worked just 2 years ago may very well not work today. I remember going on this site some 6 months ago since my parents want to go to Spain with me and my Colombian wife. When I looked up EU countries, as long as a Colombian had US residency, no visa was required. Now all of them require it (well, that is how I remember the results of my search going, I could have read the infoe wrong...)

Delta Airlines maintains a really cool application where you plug in your nationality and residency and where you want to go and it tells you the requirements.

Aruba now requires a visa for Colombians.



Posted on February 10, 2005

Good information to know I met my wife in Aruba in 2001 and she resided there on and off until 2003. I guess we won't return until she has an American passport. The problem is that like with the U.S. they often don't return.

Aruba has stringent immigration laws and they do bedcheck etcetera to confirm genuine marriages. Also as prostitution is legal they import a lot of the working ladies from Colombia. They can only stay 90 days then have to leave for a year...many of them don't.

In my experience most of the crime in Aruba was from the locals. At any rate I would think a visa for Aruba shouldn't be too difficult to obtain if you start in advance.

Good Luck,


Posted on February 10, 2005