Hello everybody I am a newbie although i have been following the site for some time. I am living in Medellin together with my girlfriend since May 2006 after spending 5 months travelling in Colombia last year, and for me it is the perfect city. I just rented my own appartment in Envigado. It is located in the barrio 'El portal' close to Exito and the Metro. Is is really safe and quiet and one of the best barrios in Envigado.

Envigado is the perfect combination of a small village but yet close enough to the city centre (15 minutes by metro). Here you can enjoy Antioquian hospitality at its best as it is really easy to get in contact with the locals.

I have a huge appartment with 4 bedrooms at the 5th (highest) floor with a huge terrace and an amazing view on the mountains of Medellin. It is completely furnished. I am looking for a longer term tenant for one of the rooms. Price is 550.000 pesos per months including internet connection and all servicios. The room has its own shower and toilet and also its own door to the terrace.

If you are interested or need some other information about medellin you can always contact me,


Rindert Bijleveld

Posted on October 22, 2006

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looking for a place Hey Rindert,

Contact me at jhogue99@hotmail.com if my mail doesn't go through. I am looking for a place in Medellin from Dec to March.


Posted on October 22, 2006

Hi Rindert, Hola,

I'm Canadian, and I'm in Medellin right now looking for exactly what I think you're offering.

I'm in a hotel right now. my is vincenzzo@hotmail.com

So i'm looking for 6 months, starting now until end of april 2007, for now, maybe more.

Please let me know, maybe you already have someone.

Muchas gracias,


Posted on October 22, 2006

Rooms/apt.AVAILABLE in patio bonito poblado I got your address off the Colombia Guide site.

I have rooms for rent starting Dec. 1.

What is your lifestyle? If we are compatible we can discuss long term. Long term rent is US$500/mo.

Write if interested infor. below.

Available starting December and beyond.

Floor plans are available write me at whitelight03@earthlink.net


Medellin, Colombia Fully furnished 3 B.R. apartment newly renovated: for rent or as

single rooms. Located in Poblado, best area of Medellin, close to zona rosa views of church at parque Poblado.Ten minute walk to parque lleras.

Three large bedrooms with private baths, queen/king size beds. Fantastic view of city & mountains with a several large terraces.

High-speed internet line with full basic TV cable.

$45/night plus tip for maid.

We can arrange safe bi-lingual pick up at airport if needed.

Posted on October 22, 2006

Room for Rent in Laureles. We have one or two rooms for rent in our Bed&Breakfast home in Laureles (Medellin). The rent is US$300.00 per month, including utilities. We change your bed clothes weekly, and you have use of our washing machine on a timely basis. One bedroom is double bed, has TV and usual bedroom furniture. Both bedroom have private baths and shower. The bedrooms are on the top floor (3rd floor), of our home-owned building, in one of the quietest part of Medellin. One block to public bus routes, or there are constant taxis on call daily. Our family is very organized and friendly, as is our neighborhood. If you are interested, we can submit pictures. Call Jack or Marcela at

Posted on October 22, 2006