I've been in Colombia for almost three weeks now. I'm in the process of working for a company here and I will be getting a work visa. That is not really the issue right now. My issue is that upon arriving in Bogota, I was given my stamp all very easily, without a lot of hassle (which is great because I speak no Spanish at all) but the guy never wrote how many days my visa is for. I plan on visiting the States at the end of October, and reentering Colombia on a work visa.

I know the 60 day visa is the most common, but that some people get 90 day ones without issues as well.

So, what are my options here? Is there an easy way to find out what I was supposed to have? Can I just stay the 80ish days I plan on being here without a problem?


Posted on August 18, 2009

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Option 1: Go to a DAS office before 60 days to verify you can in fact stay 90 days. Worst case you have to extend visa for a month.

Option 2: Try to leave country between day 61 and 90 and raise hell if they say you can't. Worst case you miss your flight, have to reschedule until you go to the DAS and pay an overstay fine.

That said, I don't know anyone who has received 90 days. I would assume it's 60 days.

Posted on August 18, 2009

Well, cableboy, if they didn't bother to write it, why assume it's 60 days? Why not 30? Or 90? I would just write 90 so that the DAS guys don't get confused and just be done with it. 90 day tourist stamps aren't that uncommon. Better than spending time and giving DAS money to fix another DAS guy's mistake.

Posted on August 18, 2009

Are you sure there isn't a computerized record somewhere that says 60 days?

Posted on August 18, 2009

Best you hall ass to DAS and get it straight-this could/will avoid a very unpleasant surprise upon attempting to depart.

90 days is not common most likely 60 days and yes entry and exit is recorded into a data base.

Posted on August 18, 2009

I called DAS and learned the following:

Entry and exits are recorded on a central computer
DAS no longer "hand writes" the days you are allowed in country
The DAS agent said to look for the machine stamp in the passport not any type hand generated ink pad stamp.. That machine stamp records the point of entry like "DAS-AEROPUERTO (in your case El Dorado) followed by EMIGRACION TU followed by the number of days allowed ,likely 60 Dias , followed by the date of entry and the time. The remaining two lines are internal DAS numbers and no information is released on what they mean.

When you leave you will again receive the same type of stamp but this time the line below the name of the airport will read
EMIGRACION TU 0 (ZERO) Dias. This is the coding used to show DAS you left the country. The line under that will show the date and time of departure. He said it would be impossible to show 0 days on entry unless you denied entry and were immediately deported,

BUT he said if the machine generated ENTRY stamp shows 0 you should immediately come to DAS to avoid problems with departure or obtaining your work visa.

What does your passport show?

Posted on August 18, 2009

Gator, my experience has been that DAS very recently stopped using the computer stamp and went back to the ink pad one, and that they hand write the time allowed in the country there. At least in Bogota.

Posted on August 18, 2009

Gee, someone should have told the office here in Bogotá, I will relay your information to them.

Posted on August 18, 2009

maybe they can still do a tourist visa with the rubber stamp, but resident visas are machine printed

You certainly did not get 90 days. Assume 30. Remember, in Colombia, if they did not stamp you correctly, it is your fault. Go to the DAS before 30 days are up to be safe. Them DAS guys really like to extort money if you are over. Even if you have been given 60 days, they might just say you had 30 so they can squeeze some plata out of you. Not all DAS offices are like this, but they exist.

The machine stamp states the following (the example is a Cartagena entry) and it seems to always be printed at the edge of a page.

JulXX2009 12: 24:28

Posted on August 18, 2009

Quote: DAS no longer "hand writes" the days you are allowed in country
Quote: The DAS agent said to look for the machine stamp in the passport not any type hand generated ink pad stamp
Damn: This is unbelievable,, come on,, you're joking ??? Is it April 1st ? Come on Gator,, are you getting old or what?

Looked at my old passport,, in 2002,, it was machine stamped,, and it has been every time on every one of the dozens of flights I've taken to Colombia,, yes,, I've either flown in or flown out and the passport was machine stamped. Heck,, maybe the borders don't have MACHINES,, doubt it they do. This is EVERYTIME,, no exceptions.

NO ONE GETS into the country w/o passing DAS and getting their passport stamped... Ha,, this reminds me,, some dork doctor went with Clinton to get those brain dead women in North Korea,, yep,, he didn't bring his passport,, really,, I mean he was with BILL CLINTON,, passport? but, but,, but,, I'M AN IMPORTANT DOCTOR,, the state department got him one fast,, like on the plane.

Gezzz,, how simple can it get ??? Want to know the amount of days,, look at the stamp,, looks like this,, you won't see 90 days,, because you're NOT POCO,, but,, what the heck. Don't ask,,and you'll more than likely get 30,,

So,,, look for something like this in your passport. (not the 90 days,, you'll never see it)

Hand stamped,, Every .......extension........ I've ever asked for was HAND STAMPED,, at the DAS office,, and HAND SIGNED and ENTERED into their computer and HAND DATED and they DO NOT give you more than 30 days,, not 31,, need more,, go back and get it,, of course,, not poco,,, I can get 60,, ie: two 30's,, pay for two 30's but,, ONE TRIP.

Computer at airport ?? I'd say it works OK,,,

Posted on August 18, 2009

I thought that's what I posted? Direct your tirade towards DAS since I was basically quoting them. I was only trying to avoid speculation and get the information directly. I really don't remember the word "extension" in the OP so I thought that was not in play.

"Come on Gator,, are you getting old or what?"

If it's any of your business, yes I am. But I fail to see what that has to do with the price of rice in China

Posted on August 18, 2009

Quote: I really don't remember the word "extension" in the OP so I thought that was not in play.
Yes, it was, later in this thread it was mentioned more than once that something was "written". I'd thought I mention that an extension stamp was the only thing I saw that was hand stamped and written. Gee,, I don't have a photo,, OH, well,, like you said,, maybe a written entry wasn't in play.

Just my opinion,, but the whole thread topic looks "fishy" , I'd better forward to the whitehouse.

Posted on August 18, 2009

Guys, I have a genuine and a Unique problem. I was invited in Colombia by a Colombian company for a business visit and meetings and if everything went well we will be doing business together in Colombia and my job was based in Colombia. My company is in India and I applied for a business visa in India, howeveer the stupid guys at the embasy gave me a visa only for 180 days and the visa is called "Visitante Temporal". Now my visa has expired 5 days ago.

I went to the DAS office in Cartagena a few days ago before the expiry of my visa and they told me that my visa can not be extended, neither can I get a new business visa, work permit or even a tourist visa. I dont have any solution now?

Can you suggest a visa attorney here in Cartagena or someone who deals in Visas and everything as the DAS officials were not at all helpful. I am really confused and dont know what to do.

Please help.

Posted on August 18, 2009

Well regardless of what they're supposed to do, this is what mine looks like:

Posted on August 18, 2009