According to the law 54 of 1990, the common law marriage is defined as the union made by a man and a woman who are not married but live in together as a community.

The characteristics required for the creation of common law marriage are:

1. Living together without being married.

2. Permanent union.

3. The couple must be a man and woman.

Like the marriage, the common law union creates a society where the partners share the 50% of the community. However the association needs to have:

1. The couple has lived together at least 2 years.

2. If one of the partners has been married, the society of that marriage has to be dissolved and liquidate.

3. The patrimony of the common law union will be divided in equal parts between partners.

Another important characteristic for the common law union is that its society will be dissolved when one of the mate died, when one of the person of the union get married with his or her mate or other person different or when they express in notary their will of finishing their union.

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Posted on October 23, 2006

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