Hello everyone,

Furnished room for rent in Medellín in Loma de Los Bernal (Belén). It is a very nice and safe neighborhood.

The room has the following amenities:
- Double bed with orthopedic mattress
- 21? TV
- DVD player
- Private bathroom with a shower and hot water
- Large closet with a separate shelving section
- Cable Internet(2meg) with wireless and cable TV
- You can use the kitchen (fridge, microwave)
- INCLUDES laundry service

Tenants are permitted to use the common areas of the apartment complex:
- Swimming Pool
- Turco (Turkish Bath/Steam Room)
- Small gym with cardio and weight machines
- Tennis court
- Basketball court
- Large grassy areas for lounging

The room can be leased for months or weeks (minimum one week) and breakfast is available as well:

1 MONTH: $ 650,000 - With breakfast: $ 800,000
15 DAYS: $ 450,000 - With breakfast: $ 530,000
1 WEEK: $ 300,000 - With breakfast: $ 335,000


The apartment stays clean and tidy and you won´t have any issues with noise here.

Posted on March 28, 2010

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I'm currently renting the Master bedroom and here is my review to help Maribel find another tenant.

I have been living with Maribel for the past three weeks and will be leaving on April 2nd. (30 Days in Medellin, highly recommend the city)

Maribel has been a lifesaver here in Medellin for me. When I first arrived I was completely lost, she arranged for my transportation from the airport and everything. All I had to do was walk outside the terminal and get in a taxi with my name on a placard (After calling Maribel to confirm the registration number). While her English is far from perfect, it is sufficient enough to have conversations and for her to be a huge help to me. If it is your first time to Colombia and your Spanish is non-existent, you could do a lot worse than renting a room from Maribel.

You??ll get your own set of keys to the apartment and free use of the internet. (2meg, wireless router)
I don??t think she knows what the password to the wireless is, I??ll make sure I put a note on the router with it before I leave (I had to login to the router and extract the password from the XML page).

I have no idea what is on the cable selection since I don??t watch TV(In fact, I asked her if she wanted the TV back after two days, since I had moved in into the corner, facing the wall.)

Closet is pretty decent sized, definitely more space than you can fit in four or eight checked bags.

The neighborhood is Strata 4, nice neighborhood. The staff in the apartment complex is really courteous and the guards at the front gate will gladly call a taxi for you if one is not waiting. The taxi fare to the nearest metro station (Industriales) is about 7mil. So, $3.50 to get to the metro, and then another $0.75(1550 pesos for a metro ticket) to go just about anywhere you want.

Maribel also likes to see some of the sites, I was planning a trip to El Peñol and she offered to drive me in her car if I paid for gas and road tolls. Less than $40 for an all day trip to see El Peñol and not be on anyone else??s schedule, awesome! Also did an all day trip to the Rio Negro area and saw some botanical gardens/parks. We??ll be going to see Santa Fe de Antioquia sometime this week, before I leave.

Maribel gladly cooks me breakfast every morning, at first she??ll make you a bit too much food and make you sample just about everything at least once. After a few days, she figures out what you like and narrows breakfast down to what you want and how you want it. (She makes a damn good western scramble)

The bed is very comfortable, a little short (I??m 6??0?, so my feet sometimes hand over the edge), but a great night??s sleep none the less. Maribel will also launder your sheets weekly, along with sweeping and mopping, and clean the bathroom (Typically Saturdays).

Speaking of laundering, she will do all your laundry for you. Don??t expect same day turn around because the clothes are hang dried, but she takes very good care of your cloths and even folds them or puts them on hangars.

The apartment complex has a pool, weight/machine room, and a turco(Steam Room). The pool is kept immaculate by the staff, and everything on the grounds here is very clean. Every day there are Colombianas next to the pool working on their tan, so if you feel like doing that one day, you can. It has a nicely enclosed(Secure, within the complex) green area with Tennis/Basketball courts. It is well lit at night, so if you feel like a late night game, you could do that.

If you are into some physically challenging things, you can always hike up the mountain behind the complex in the morning. It is a good hike, probably two miles or more, and pretty much all up steep terrain. There is a vendor at the top in the mornings, selling fresh squeezed orange juice, so make sure to take some cash. Beware though, there is a false top to this mountain, so don??t do like I did and burn all my energy going fast on the first leg.

Overall, I couldn??t recommend this place more. You can??t beat the price, the service, the friendship. The only downside to this place is the distance from everything (Even then, a taxi to Parque Lleras is only 9mil), but that is also a positive since it is rarely loud at night.

Posted on March 28, 2010

if this is a legit review, the place sounds like excellent service for a fair price

Posted on March 28, 2010

"if this is a legit review"
In the words of a good advertising campaign in Colombia: "the only risk is wanting to stay" :)

Posted on March 28, 2010