Hi! I am colombian but have lived in the southwest my whole life. for very personal reasons (you know how it goes!) i am considering getting a tattoo to represent my heritage. what would be some good colombian slang or good ideas? so far i have come up with pila (intelligent) chevere (cool) coqueta (flirt) que destrabe (having a good time) and that's it! every bit of help would be MUCH appreciated! thanks!!

Posted on May 15, 2005

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'chevere' and 'coqueta' are pretty universal, and not specifically Colombian at all. 'Pila' sounds very colombian, but I've never heard that before, so I couldn't say if it is used anywhere else.

It might help to say what part of Colombia your roots are from.

Posted on May 15, 2005

You could just use your own name if your name is... Juan Valdez. Very Colombian. If not, ignore my suggestion.

Plátano, el banano verde

Estudiante del Manual de Urbanidad y Buenas Maneras por Manuel Antonio Carreño

Oxigeno Verde ¡Libertad por Ingrid y los demás!

Posted on May 15, 2005

How about 'Corinthian leather?'

Posted on May 15, 2005

How about "mongolico"? One of my stepson's favorite words.

Disclaimer: any comment I make is inane and is not to be taken seriously, and is so patently ridiculous that no one should take it seriously, even as an insult.

Posted on May 15, 2005

A la orden.

Posted on May 15, 2005


Posted on May 15, 2005

Mi tierra Colombia.

Posted on May 15, 2005

cabeza de buñuelo

Posted on May 15, 2005

here goes... Pila ?? what Colombians use to call batteries

Pilas ?? watch out

El parche ?? the place/spot/event happening, as in ??el parche esta en la casa de Marcela?

Me la parche ?? I got off with her (made out if you American)

Las Ninas ?? The girls (at the whorehouse)

Mamar gallo : to wind someone up, to tease / take the mickey / fool around , as in ??deje de mamar gallo? ?? stop fooling around

Mamon ?? an irritating person, as in ??este hp si que es mamon? this s.o.b. sure is irritating BTW ?HP stands for Hijueputa-sonamanbiche (preferred choice of swear word for most Colombians)

Caracter ?? new one I heard my cousin and a lot of bums in Colombia use?the conventions for use are a bit unclear but if you were to say??no le comi de nada a Pablo, me le quede parado?..caracter? it would make perfect sense

Papaya ?? not the succulent, juicy fruit but a term used to describe if you give someone the opportunity or the chance to *mug you, *snatch your wallet *take something from you?..very common use would be ??no les de papaya? don??t give them a chance

Parce(ro) ?? I believe this is more a paisa term (although I stand to be corrected) ?? your mate/friend/buddy?can be used as a standard greeting if you know the person, as in ??que hubo parce(ro)??

Luquiado ?? a bit of an old one but means you??re loaded (drinks are on you)?as in ??el gordo va a gastar?.esta mas lukiado que un hp? from the slang word lucas to denote a thousand pesos 1 luca= 1,000 pesos

Palo ?? not a stick but a million pesos as in ??la moto vale 3 palos y medio? the bike costs 3 and a half million pesos

Gasolinera ?? the Colombian term for Gold digger?as in ??Claudia es todo bien pero es mas gasolinera la hp? Claudia is cool but she??s a bit of a gold digger

Traqueto ?? Someone who??s involved in the drug game (wouldn??t advise you to get too friendly) sometimes also used to denote someone who??s up to dodgy business. As in??Mario?.ufff ese hijuemadre es traqueto?pilas?

I??ll post this for now?if I think of anymore I??ll be sure to put them on

Posted on May 15, 2005

can any of you actually imagine.... putting one of these (above) phrases on your body? i wouldn't put it on the bottom of my foot, much less on my arm.

what happened to something endearing in spanish...i love colombia; colombia mi alma, etc. but something like hijueputa??? maybe put that one on your forehead???


Posted on May 15, 2005

Or what about I love mono jojoy :)

Posted on May 15, 2005

Not sure of the spelling, wuepa je? Don't know what it even means, but every time there is a party someone is sure to yell it in the midst of a song.

Speaking of slang, there is a word/sound that people make at least in Bogotá when they see someone less fortunate or perhaps a low class person, perhaps someone who is filthy or shabby. My wife showed me how to make the sound and at the same time you make a strange face, to me it sounds like oooweeee.

What the heck is it? Any other cachacos heard this?

Posted on May 15, 2005

lol very funny doug...the same thing crossed my mind but the poster did want some colombian slang....something my time bumming in Colombian ghettos helped me acquire...

Kernow...i believe the expression is something like huepa hey (spelling is unimportant) but you might want to draw a comparison with the arriba yell used by mexicans....huepa is heard a lot in parties or if you just witnessed something quite spectacular...the rolo thing i haven't the foggiest.....

there are some really ridiculous phrases that are quite universal...."yes very well mondongo" when trying to be funny and lampooning the english language....another friend of mine was a right expert in speaking english...he used to say to me....yes my friendsation, you are not the only personation to espeake the englishation".... I gave him an A plus for making me nearly piss my pantalones

Posted on May 15, 2005

A lot of these suggestions Are more universal throughout Latin America, or all Spanish speaking countries, and NOT particularly Colombian. Pretty much everybody says 'weepa'.

ALSO, keep in mind that in Spanish Caribbean countries, a 'papaya' or 'popola' also means 'pussy'. and "mamar gallo' in Colombia also means 'to suck pussy', so its not a polite expression by any means.

God help this girl taking advice from you people and getting a tattoo!!!

I would run whatever you decide to get through a spelling checker first too!!!

Posted on May 15, 2005

rubiazo.... amen to that.

i think the girl? needs to start the thread all over and get clear on 1) does she really want a tattoo? and 2) what is it she wants to promote, using her body as the pantalla.

i'm probably not the best promoter of tattoos, i have none, wont be getting one...unless they put me in buchanwald or auzchwitz.

Posted on May 15, 2005

how about 'mamargallista'? which means something like: "friendly chap"

Posted on May 15, 2005

Why Not... Izando Bandera or Cual es la chimbada pues?

Posted on May 15, 2005

I'm with dwmte,

Why get a tattoo? Especially one that is just some slang word that probably won't even be used in a few years. A flag or some other symbol of Colombia might be better (or less worse as far as tattoos go.) BTW, tattoos are SO unattractive on a girl. Makes them look like they just got out of prison or some gang or something.

Posted on May 15, 2005

Pila does mean "intelligent" as in "uy, que vieja tan pila parce, se sabe las tablas de multiplicar esa jedionda".

How about getting the coat of arms with the condor and all? Maybe the colombian flag. How about these words on your forehead: "Amarillo Azul y rojo, colorado tengo este ojo" (with an arrow pointing at your eye)

Here are some of my suggestions (and please, take them with a pinch of salt):

If you are costeña:

Huepa - je!

Ay hombe!

Currambera 100%

La ciudad bonita


Corroncho Nation

If you are Paisa:

Avemaria Pues!

La chimba

100% parcera

A lo bien

Montañera a mucho honor

Arepa Power!!

Mazamorra con Panela

Bandeja Paisa o ... Paisa en Bandeja?

Que hubo parce?


Una chimba de vieja

Aguapanela Generation

Gomela 100%

If you are Rola:



Boyaca a mucho honor!

Ala que mamera!!

Ala que guiso...


Soy rola ... y que?

I still think the coat of arms is nice.

Posted on May 15, 2005

And.... If you are Pereirana...

Soy sordita, que que?? Que me acueste??

Ja ja ja!!!

Posted on May 15, 2005

And if you are Pastusa.... If you are pastusa you can get a tatoo that reads

SOY DE PASTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--- (Pero cuidado se la come una vaca... ja ja ja)

Posted on May 15, 2005

colombiche what does your tattoo say and where do you have it???

sort of the scarlet letter across the forhead?

just kidding.

tell the kid to back off a frickin tattoo.


Posted on May 15, 2005

okay Fine. kid, backoff the freaking tattoo!!!

Ahh, Dw, I personally don't have a tatoo, I can't picture myself when I am 80 years old walking around with a wrinkley colombian flag on what used to be my booby. By then it might be near my knee.

I was just poking fun at the girl, pure paisa humor mijo!!! Paisas tend to have a very harsh sense of humor and I am no exception to the rule!!!!!

Posted on May 15, 2005

En serio Parcera, don't get a tatoo.... I personally wouldn't do it. My sister got a tatoo on her ankle when she was drunk. It was supposed to read 'Luck' in chinese, but apparently they goofed it up and it reads something very dirty. You should see her putting undereye concealer on that thing.


Posted on May 15, 2005

How about a tattoo of Che, just in case you are picked up by the FARC. On the other hand if the paramilataries get you it might not be a good idea. Nevermind...

Posted on May 15, 2005

that which is blazoned on my soul..... is a heart and wings

my allegiance is not to country, but to humanity...

Posted on May 15, 2005

I think tattoos on girls are sexy But if i were to get one or recommend one for somebody, it would be something pictoral. I've never heard of any tattoo of any kind of words in any language that wasn't later the subject of much regret!

Posted on May 15, 2005

Colombian slang Why don't you get a tattoo of a Botero painting? You use that as your screen name so you obviously know who he is. That would be much classier than some slang word.

Posted on May 15, 2005

Classier? You got to be kidding. I dont think any kind of tattoo is classy...full stop.

Posted on May 15, 2005

i think would be smarter the flag o el escudo lo e visto RoLoMbIaNo

and it looks awesome

Posted on May 15, 2005

How about a tattoo of a band-aid, you can always cover it up with a band-aid if you don't want to show it off.

Posted on May 15, 2005

Some "music" bands for the tatoos! Great idea, but now Im talking about colombian music bands and singers! ;) I would suggest: Juanes, Shakira, Carlos Vives, Aterciopelados, Bacilos...for a starter.


Posted on May 15, 2005

Renopla I am not into tatoos but it reminds me of a joke.

Recuerdos de una noche en Constantinopla. (it is a joke)

Well for a colombian thing the Voltiao sombrero is getting famous.

It used to be a joke

June 16, 2005

Next meet up end of the month July-2005 Bogota, First week of August, Medellín, Join Us

Posted on May 15, 2005

I like "por si las moscas" meaning just in case.

Posted on May 15, 2005

Hmmm I have two tattoos and haven't regretted them. My mujer has one of a rose and her sons name. It's on her shoulder and she sometimes get's selfconcious about it, but I think it's because other colombians look down on it, not really because SHE doesn't like it. I tell her not to worry about them. I agree that a symbol instead of a word or saying would be better. Does Colombia have a national flower, or animal. What about something tribal?

Posted on May 15, 2005

I have a butterfly on my lower back I have a tatoo on my lower back...it's a butterfly with her wings spread wide and it is in between two designs...I love it...but I wanted to get a butterfly not only becaus e it is feminine and beautifull but because I have always felt that I was a free spirited person...and since I was a little girl...I have always related to being free like a butterfly...If you want something that has to do with your culture....why don't you get a heart with COLOMBIA written in fancy letters in the center of the heart?

Posted on May 15, 2005

hey try "vacana" or "pupis" which means cool.

Posted on May 15, 2005

vacana is very colombian I use that word so much!

I would say if you really wanted a colombian tattoo just do the flag! or the Escudo...I think tattoos that are sentences or words are ugly but of course it all depends on what you really like.. Here is L.A. mostly the cholitas ( mexican gang girls) have those patriotic tattoos with writings.... but again, is a personal choice and you came for ideas not for judgements.

If I was going to have a tattoo like that I would use my nick name : Antioqueñita! I do have that n the back of my car.

"Que Viva Medellin!"

Posted on May 15, 2005

100% Colombiano 100% Canadian

Greetings from Windsor, Canada

Posted on May 15, 2005

PILA Among young people in Colombia's capital region ( Sabana de Bogota ) "pila" refers to a very intelligent girl. Therefore it gives this southwest girl a very good word for her tattoo

100% Colombiano 100% Canadian

Greetings from Windsor, Canada

Posted on May 15, 2005

why not get a tatoo of some indigenous image instead? there's tons to choose from and those are much more interesting as a tatoo than a bunch of words

Posted on May 15, 2005

jugo de lulo? Anyone know where I can find this tropical fruit?

Posted on May 15, 2005

Colombia slang? I don't know much slang. Much more confusing for me is the names for people from different regions. I'd much rather be called Costena than Corroncha (besides I always thought that meant a super ignorant/ nasty person). What does paisa and all the other names mean?



Posted on May 15, 2005

Slang, but polite Hi i have a friend that is going to his home city Medellin, and so i wanted to know some cool words that i can use with him ????

Posted on May 15, 2005

Pechichona I'm trying find out what the word "pechichona" means? I was told its colombian slang. Gracias!

Posted on May 15, 2005