I'd like to learn some more Colombian slang... for example, how many words for "cool" are there? Forgive the spelling, I've only heard these... but I've heard:




and at least two others that I can't recall well enough to even try to spell.

And the other night, a Colombian pal was telling me about girls who are "mareneras" or something, referring to party girls who are only after guys for their money and a good time. Anybody else heard of this word?

Posted on January 23, 2005

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Fufurufas is what them chicks be called... And I never heard of "adulto". But I do know of "Máximo" and one that's passé, but you never know "pomposo"


Posted on January 23, 2005

I think Your friend meant Marraneras...which is basically the same as Gasolineras...watch out for those, you wouldnt like to be anywhere close to them hahahaha. *wallet might disappear before your eyes, sometimes with your consent!!!!*

There are a zillion slang words I left for almost a year and the lingo has evolved like mad.

Bacano, del carajo, chevere all of them mean cool (never heard of adulto)

This one is very common in bogota dunno if its common everywhere else...Muy Paila: When something is absolutely shocking.

I know I use a lot of idiomatics expressions but i cant find one on the top of my head...Ill get back to you.

Posted on January 23, 2005

don't forget... UNA CHIMBA!!!

Posted on January 23, 2005

Bogotano's also say "qué soda" (how cool).


Posted on January 23, 2005

Yeah! Marraneras! That's it! Thanks for spelling it correctly. I have a strong feeling that will come in handy soon. I've seen "fufurufas" on this site before, but I don't think I've ever heard it. And gasolineras is totally new to me - I kind of like that one, actually.

Adulto is one I've only heard among a certain group of people, so I'm not sure how widespread it is.

And hey, if those girls were smart, they'd know that I've got more spaghetti sauce than plata! Man, if I could, I'd be the Scrooge McDuck of spaghetti sauces, just a big ol' bin of tomato paste to row around in... mmmmm... tengo hambre ahora...

Posted on January 23, 2005

A few more synonyms for "cool" These are usually used in Bogotá (some of them already mentioned by other posters):






Una nota / Qué nota

Una chimba / Qué chimba

La verraquera / Una verraquera / Qué verraquera

La putería / Una putería / Qué putería

Una soda / Qué soda

Del putas

Una cuca / Qué cuca

(these ones are a bit lower-class talk so, I don't advise to use them:)

Calidad / Una calidad


Note 1:, you can add "marica" to emphasize even more, for example "Qué nota, marica!" (only with your closer buddies though, hehe)

Note 2: "Adulto", have never heard of it...


Posted on January 23, 2005

Got more words when something "pega"...hard to explain. "ese plan Pega" means it sounds really good.

I need to laugh at Fufurufa, hadnt heard that one in ages!!!

Then if theyre not professional fufurufas they are "inquietas" or "necias" hahaha.

If girls say you are "muy rico" dont feak out, theyre often not talking about plata. Rico means attractive but i believe it has sexual implications...perhaps like "pretty/beautiful vs. Damn Hot", the latter being the equivalent for "rico".

Querido isnt loved. Means youre a really cool guy.

"Que chanda" something u dont like.

Mañe, guiso, boleta: not very classy...or not classy at all.

Ill think of a couple more, in the meantime try and have some fun with those ;)

Posted on January 23, 2005

"Su polvo esta Mujado" y no sirve para nada !! If your Lady tells you this-think about leaving or upping your level of Viagra. She is telling you essentially that you not performing well in la cama.

Posted on January 23, 2005

Cool, thanks! A lot of these are words I didn't quite know, but have heard people say. Except for yours, miamimike. Ahem.

And yeah, I've got friends who use "marica" with each other just about every sentence! I'll admit, it made me a little nervous the first time I heard it. Anyway, I haven't seen most of these mentioned in any slang lists... maybe this is a good subject for a PBH guide?

Posted on January 23, 2005

try this... http://www.caucanet.net.co/nf/mc/mcweb/d.htm

this should keep you busy 'till elmo shows up.

Posted on January 23, 2005

Litost! We miss you here! How're things going?


Posted on January 23, 2005

somebody in another thread..... asked what 'pendejo' meant. well where i come from, llano grande and medellin, that be...huevon or stupido. now that can be a friendly sort of put down or a slap. depending on the source. if my friends and i were joking with one another, huevon, was the common name to be called. it isn't really demeaning, more like calling you a dork.


Posted on January 23, 2005

DW Thanks for your kind words in the other thread. You really are a class act. :-)

Take care,


Posted on January 23, 2005

De pelos You can also say "de pelos" for cool, Bart says it so it must be cool!

Posted on January 23, 2005

Glosario Searching for "lagaña de mico" the other day, found this:


Posted on January 23, 2005

de pelos is mexican not colombian

Posted on January 23, 2005

Cool... I've heard "suave" used in Cuba, I don't know if it's used elsewhere...

Posted on January 23, 2005

Chicas also called Gasolina mujeres, at least in Cali

Posted on January 23, 2005

I think "marraneras or marranero is a woman or man who never has money and likes to go out at the expenses of others, and gasolinera o gasolinero is a person who likes to go out with anybody with a car.

Posted on January 23, 2005

some of the slang used back home in my neighbourhood in cali taking advantage:


cojer a su marrano




selfish related:


no sea llamado!

drug / alcohol related:

perez or perico: i'm sure you all know what it means! (coke)

vamos a paciarnos

demonos un pace

peguemosle a la linea

prendido: tipsy

bolqueta: drunk

el chorro

la mona

motaking advantage:


cojer a su marrano



embarrasement related:

huy que voleta!

ese man/hembra tan bandera!

shock related:

huy quieto!

suerte!: glad to see the back of you! it's like saying you know what? go to hell! in other words f**k off!

vallase al carajo / a la mierda: f**k off

bochinchero: somebody that likes to make up stories (lies) about other people

ruñidera or ruñiendo: to talk about people behind their backs

como fue que?: what up? what's going on?

todo bien: all good

que destrabe: it means having a ball, having a good time

no me coja de destrabe: don't mess me around

sisas: yes

pa las que sea!: i'm up for anything!

people related:

malandro: bad person (criminal)

chino: friend


parcero: friend

pana: friend

fufurufa: prostitute

pelado / pelada : youth, youn men / girl

esta muy pollo: he's very young

hembra: woman

man: hombre

ñero: friend

le dio culillo!: he's / she's scared!







platanote: somebody dumb / bobo, usually tall and no so bright

flacha veloz: although it means fast arrow, this nickname is used for people that are way too slow

cabeza de motor: big head

matrix: big head (3 dimensional head)

and there a loads more! we colombians like to give people nicknames i'm sure you'll have some great ones!

Posted on January 23, 2005

Thanks, Mrs. Gomez... those are great! I copied them and am going to pull one of those out at *just* the right time, ja ja ja!


Posted on January 23, 2005

Gasolinera is diferent from marranera... Gasolinera is the girl that only dates men with a car or motorcicle, and is ofen thinking in "upgrade" her "estrato" (social class).

Marranera (the pigs tamer) instead, is a women that can date people of any estrato, but she ever demand the man to pay for everything, and in many cases the man gets nothing from her... if you do not realize that soon, you became the marrano (pig), starts to pay for everything in her life, maybe paing her family bills, some times even her boyfriend bills! etc... in other words, they will squeeze you all the money...

Posted on January 23, 2005


but there marraneros and gasolineros too. ummmmmmmm no just womens hehe

Posted on January 23, 2005

La Gasolina... So THAT's what the song's about... (Or are they just singing about gasoline ?)

P.S. I just noticed the spelling is different... so this post doesn't make much sense.

Posted on January 23, 2005

ok not quite what you asked... ok this isn't quite what you asked but i found this site recently and have had far too much fun with it i had to pass it on. its not quite slang, but it is amusing...


it gives you swear words in tons of languages. i have guys in my office who speak all kinds of dialects from india that i have been able to shock, not to mention tons of fun with my grandmother in turkish, and my father's secretary in russian. be careful of course, but it will give you some interesting insults and off colour words to use. they have a link to colombian spanish specifically. at the very least it should make you laugh. enjoy...


Posted on January 23, 2005

another one

Me voy a echar un motoso": I am going to have a nap

Posted on January 23, 2005

Insultmonger =TROJANS and more Please do not go to this link ... the page asks you to install an ActiveX module, which installs trojans, spyware, and more before you can use it.

If you have installed it you can PM me for removal help or instructions. It takes more than simple adware removal software to get rid of.

Posted on January 23, 2005

lionheart.... i've just been able to view it....no trojans or such....???


Posted on January 23, 2005

trojans You can view the page, after the trojans get installed. I have extreme security measures in my network, so the attempt was detected before anything could happen. I assume you are using Windows without additional security added to it, so you won't see them getting installed. Three of my detection programs started screaming bloody murder as soon as I opened the page. Two of these programs are free, so I advise all to use them to protect yourself, or at least clean up your computer, you will be surprised what they will find.

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Anti-Virus program:


(enable AntiVir Guard)

Posted on January 23, 2005

100 Colombian phrases Here are 100 phrases commonly used by Colombians according to the email I got sent. I don't understand all of them, but a lot of them made me laugh - ok you Colombians of PBH - can you explain the more difficult ones? Sorry it's so long guys! By the way, paisa29, thanks for letting me know "de pelos" is Mexican, I didn't realize as a couple of Colombian friends use it. But then of course the Simpsons I watch is Mexican so I should have realized - doh!

1. A mí me gustan las cuentas claras y el chocolate espeso

2. Uno no es monedita de oro para caerle bien a todo el mundo

3. Píntemela a ver y yo le digo cuántos pares son tres moscas

4. Ni que estuviéramos bravos

5. ¿Durmió conmigo anoche o qué, que no saluda?

6. Esos dos son uña y mugre

7. Me la puso de pa´rriba

8. Que se va de playa, ¿no?

9. Sóbese que no hay pomada

10. Tengo un filo, que si me agacho me corto

11. Está que se las pela

12. ¿Qué desea de principio? ¿Garbanzo u arveja?

13. ¡Quite d'iai!

14. Bueno se me van bajando del bus aquí todos

15. ¿Y eso quién pidió pollo?

16. ¿Qué hay pa´hacer? Pues, empanadas que es lo que más se vende.

17. ¡Ay, no se me coloque así!

18. ¡Nanay cucas!

19. Esto está más largo que una semana sin carne

20. Váyase por la sombrita

21. ¡Lo visto pero no lo mantengo!

22. ¡Pero, comete alguito!

23. ¡Se ve que se toma la sopita!

24. ¿Cómo está? Regular, tres cuartos...

25. Nos tocó raspar fiesta como hasta las 5 de la mañana

26. Pilas... vengo pidiendo vía como Toyota nuevo en carretera destapada

27. Me sale lo comido por lo servido

28. ¡Oiga, champion!

29. Ese man baila como un trompo

30. Lo que le diga es mentira

31. ¡Sale pa´pintura (o pa´la foto)!

32. ¡Tan chistoso! ¿Fue que tomó caldo de payasito?

33. ¡Te vi!

34. ¡Uuuuyyyyyyyy, se nos creció el enano!

35. ¡Déle chancleta!

36. ¡Hmmm, ese huevito quiere sal!

37. Eso era puro ría que ría

38. No me abra los ojos que no le voy a echar gotas

39. No me levante las cejas que no voy a pasar por debajo.

40. ¡Dichosos los ojos!

41. !Pero, me extraña!

42. ¡Milagrazo, chinazo!

43. ¿Qué se dice, gente?

44. ¡Chaos!

45. ¡Quiubos!

46. Mi'hace el favor y le baja al tonito

47. Aquí en la lucha, moliendo duro

48. ¡Hay que estar mosca, papá!

49. Pa'qué, pero ese man tiene madera

50. Esa hembra está mas arreglada que muchacha de servicio en domingo

51. Yo lo tengo entre ojos

52. ¿Usted qué come, que adivina?

53. ¡Usted si mata un marrano a cantaleta! ¿No?

54. Mugre que no mata, engorda

55. Lleguémosle a eso, hermanito

56. ¡Ese man es mas picado que muela de gamin!

57. ¡Oiga, sardino! ¿Qué se dice?

58. ¡Ese man sí tiene suin (swing)!

59. ¡Tengo un filin (feeling)!

60. ¡Joven aún!

61. El que tiene tienda, que la atienda

62. Aquí no se trabaja pero se goza...

63. Usted está MFT (miando fuera del tiesto)

64. ¡Hum, ya dijo!

65. No me alegro, pero sí me da un fresquito...

66. ¡Ese man está qu'echa chispas!

67. Es que yo no le he contado: a mí me embiste la tecnología

68. Tengo una miada que me sabe la boca a champaña

69. Esa vieja es más fea que un carro por debajo

70. Tiene más patas que un chance

71. ¡Pa'las que sean, papá!

72. A esta vaina no le cabe un tinto (en TransMilenio)

73. ¡Póngase chanclas!

74. ¡Tocó almorzar corrientazo!

75. A ese man lo dejaron mirando pa'entro o le pusieron la piyama de madera o lo pusieron a chupar gladiolo

76. Esa vieja sí que es guapachosa

77. El viejito esta capando cementerio

78. ¿Cómo se llama tu nombre? ¿Dónde vive tu dirección?

79. Señor taxista, lléveme al centro, pero pilas con el muñeco en el taximetro

80. Señoras y señores, en el día de hoy les vengo ofreciendo la promoción de la rica y deliciosa fruna. Una en doscientos y tres en quinientos. Para mayor economía, lleve seis en mil. El producido de esta venta es para pagar el arriendo, ayudar en la comidita de la casa y el colegio de mis otros 8 hermanitos.

81. Sumercé, ¿se le ofrece algo?

82. Hágase el marica y asi se queda

83. Tome pa'la gaseosa (propina)

84. Mono, ¿le limpio el vidrio?

85. Chilla más que un camionado de pollos

86. La cucha y el catano

87. Juega más que gato chiquito

88. Tome cervecita pa'que tenga qué orinar

89. Un buen colombiano no orina solo

90. Vecina, ¿me da ñapa? (vendaje, encime, etc.)

91. Juemadre, juemichica, jueldiablo y todos los juez que usted ha escuchado

92. Mujer que no joda es hombre o tiene mozo

93. Jincho pero contento

94. Me eché un motoso

95. Le rompieron la cara y parte del rostro

96. Se rumbiaron a la hija de ese man

97. Le llenaron la barriga de huesitos por andar de patisuelta

98. Indio patirrajao

99. ¡Uich, qué boleta!

100. Déle forguar a este imeil pa que lo leigan en el ciberespacio .

Posted on January 23, 2005

Insultmonger trojans Just a note: the Insultmonger site works fine with the Firefox web browser, which doesn't allow any trojans or other funky stuff to be installed.


Posted on January 23, 2005

ShazCas Thats a funny list, I must admit i havent heard 80% of them but some of them were cracking me up. I really dont think most colombians would understand all of them, I dont know if theyre everyday phrases, but still...I had a laugh.

Posted on January 23, 2005

more dirty Spanish in general actually it shows many languages worldwide

Alternative Dictionary

Posted on January 23, 2005

I've never heard "adulto"

Posted on January 23, 2005

que gona The first word I learned in Medellin was que Chimba, and I said it to my friends aunt during navidad. Watch football or listen to tipical music during navidad, which is all of december!

Posted on January 23, 2005

Bochinchera Hello everyone,

I read the posts that were put up about the word "bochinchera" (someone who makes up lies/stories). I wanted to know if it is also used to refer to someone who is nosy? The reason I ask is because I have a friend who is from Buenaventura and ocassionally he calls me a bochinchera, and I do not make up lies, but he told me it means someone who is nosy. Is this true?


Posted on January 23, 2005


"Bochinchera" is also used to refer to people who are "chismosa". It doesn't necessarily mean that you make up stories about other people but also that you like to gossip, listen to gossip and are interested in other people's lives. That makes you a bit nosy, right?



Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone

else's life.

-Kobi Yamada

Posted on January 23, 2005

Thanks Desi for clearing that up for me! I guess that does make me a bit nosy...LOL.

Posted on January 23, 2005

bochinchera is troublemaker

Posted on January 23, 2005

Thank you for the definition paisa!

Posted on January 23, 2005

Nanay cucas! Que quiere decir esto?

Posted on January 23, 2005

Nanay cucas.....and the new 1 PREPAGO/PREPAID GIRLS Nanay Cucas= nada....ejemplo: me presta su carro? nanay cucas papa.

Prepago or prepaid girls its just the new terminology for fine whores, but in reality they are prostitutes.

Posted on January 23, 2005

Atencion!!! my colombian aunt told me these things she uses in clombia..she lives in tolima, so i dunno if they apply all over colombia..

gonorriento-slutty person

asusTETAs-scardy cat(put infasis on tetas when said)

Q ceba-like q asco

ay se me olvido los otros, ill post em later aight

and i gota question, is there a nickname for colombians? like puertoricans r called boricuas, salvodorians-guanacos...is there one fo colombians??

*la guera mas latina*

Posted on January 23, 2005


Posted on January 23, 2005


Posted on January 23, 2005

Laguerejakola Nope, there is no nickname for Colombians, only nicknames for regions. For example, one who is born in Meta is called llanero, from Bogota, cachaco and so on.

Posted on January 23, 2005

thanx monpirri1 yeah that makes sence cuz my colombian friends nickname is calena cuz shes from cali. oh yeah and another slang word i heard is malparido meaning bad that it was born. and soroco like stupid...are they used in colombia? ohh monpirri1: someone said that shes heard colo for colombians. Hve u heard that?

Posted on January 23, 2005

i love the "hacéme un 14" wich means "do me a favor"

Posted on January 23, 2005